Who I am

I am a Psychosynthesis therapist, educated in Gothenburg 2009 - 2014. I have my practice in the center of Karlskrona, at Borgmästaregatan 21, by the Blekinge museum. I work with individual therapy sessions, mentoring and couple counseling.
I also work online on Skype.

Why Therapy

Most people coming into psychosynthesis therapy strongly long for change. Many want help with a specific problem in a relationship. Others have a general feeling of a lack of balance in their lives or are asking themselves where life is taking them. Everything they have wished for might seem fulfilled already and yet they long for something more. A painful loss or life crisis may awaken a longing to create a change in life. Some see the possibility to liberate their inner full potential or release the creativity that yet has to be shown.

A Psychosynthesis therapy can consist of a few supporting meetings or a deep and long relationship, all depending on the person coming.

Why Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis is a practical psychology developed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli at the beginning of the 20th century. He was contemporary with Freud and Jung.

Assagioli developed a synthesis grounded in the thoughts from East and West that focused on the human possibilities and the healthy part in each soul. He wanted to see the whole human being, which is body, feelings, intellect and soul. So Assagioli developed a form of therapy that not only helps us understand who we are and why we behave the way we do, but also helps us implement these insights into our everyday life. Psychosynthesis focuses on the Will and also has a spiritual side which differentiates it from other forms of therapy.

Psychosynthesis sees our problems as a possibility for personal development and to create a change in our lives and thus values the dark sides of our inner world as much as the light ones. By going down into and through the darkness instead of trying to push it away, you find a place for growth becoming what you really are.

Psychosynthesis therapy can be used to find a greater personal understanding and development, to improve relationships or when existential questions come to the surface.

What Happens

You may contact me by phone, email or Face book to agree on a first meeting.

Our first meeting is a free space. We plan together if there will be a continuation and if so under the premises of meeting for sessions of one or one and a half hour at a rhythm that suits us. The continuity of the work is important creating a flow.

After eight to ten sessions we evaluate together if more sessions are needed or if it’s time to conclude the therapy. When it’s time for a conclusion it is necessary we both are well aware of this. The sessions to conclude the therapy are an important part of the work and the result of the therapy

My first assumption is that you are the expert in your life. Do you listen to and respect your inner voice? Starting in your longing for change we can explore together if there are other ways to follow.

A good result in this therapy demands that we are both active. The work implies that we enter into a close relationship so that you understand your life more and learn to handle what challenges you.

I am under strict professional secrecy, even to the fact that you are a client of mine.

In my profession I am bound by the ethical rules of the Psychosynthesis Institute. These also imply that I have regular tutorials with an experienced colleague; meet my own therapist regularly, and keep myself updated in the research of this field.